Jean-Michel Théry




Postgraduate in Finance at the Université des Sciences Economiques of Orléans (France), Jean-Michel Théry has spent most of his career in the consulting industry, both in France and North-Africa.
He began his career in the pensions sector, as a functional executive at “Mutualité Sociale Agricole d’Ile de France”, then as an executive Manager at “Caisse Autonome de Retraite des Anciens Combattants”, where he spent three years.
Jean-Michel later joined Société Générale as a consultant.
He then carried out his career at Sema Group (former branding of current Atos Consulting) where he was a Senior Manager for nine years.
Within Atos Consulting, as of 1999, Jean-Michel discovered Morocco while working as a contractor for Wafabank in Casablanca.
He fell in love with the country and stayed for over four years.
Jean-Michel Théry set up business permanently in Morocco in July 2007, offering his expertise to French companies looking to develop their activities in Morocco.
Since October 2008, Jean-Michel has been involved in developing our business in Morocco, addressing subsidiaries of multinational companies, and catering for the needs of Moroccan companies or administrations seeking high potential profiles.