• Executive Search


    Our role : be your business partner for your recruitments and human asset management. Our firm is consistently recognized for its efficient, qualitative, client-focused approach to the delivery of individual recruitment solutions and consultancy services in several regions of the globe.

    Executive Search
  • Assessment


    Our role : be your business partner for the assessment of existing employees or applicants. Combining an understanding of business with deep insight into people and their motives, we offer our clients an objective and reliable process.

  • Performance Management


    Our role : be your business partner to improve HR Performance Management, through Audit of social climate, Audit of Compensation & Benefits, Audit of HR Processes, Benchmark of HR Best Practices, leading to improvement of employees’ involvement.

    Performance Management
  • Executive Coaching and Training


    Our role: be your business partner to identify and develop the skills and capabilities that are within an employee, enabling to use them to the best of their ability. Our tailored, one-to-one solutions include Professional Coaching, Leadership Development Programs and Executive Team Development.

    Executive Coaching and Training

“ At Delime Executive Search we have always gone beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship, to work in close partnership with our clients, across a broad range of industries and geographic regions.. Such a relationship of Trust is the result of Professionalism, Pragmatism and the Experience of our Consultants, as well as the wide range of services we offer, which are focused on creating measurable value for Evaluation, Growth, Development and Training of our Clients' Human Asset.”

A consulting firm specializing in executive search and selection, Delime Executive Search works for Clients ranging from small entrepreneurial businesses or funds to multinational corporations. Our Clients relies on us to search for and assist in the acquisition of executives, key management and specialized personnel in various countries.

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With deep expertise in Assessment coupled with advanced technology solutions (Delime Executive Search only use highly reliable 5th generation psychometric tests), our firm allows companies to evaluate either foreseen candidates (in the event of an external recruitment) or existing employees (in the event of an internal promotion).

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All economic and social uncertainty affects the organization of any company. Delime Executive Search provides its Customers with solutions for HR Performance Management, including Audit of social climate, Audit of Compensation & Benefits, Audit of HR Processess, Benchmark of HR best practices, and Solutions to improve employees’ involvement.

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Executives need to adapt as their roles change frequently. They must achieve results through others, managing multiple and continuous change initiatives. And all the while, organizations are becoming more complex. Our tailored, one-to-one Executive Coaching and Executive Trainings help leaders deal effectively with their demanding environment.

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