André Areny

Senior Consultant



Having studied engineering at ENSEEIHT and the aerospace school in Toulouse, André Areny spent ten years in the field of industrial risk analysis. This training in meticulousness was a springboard towards technology transfer and innovation management. As a consultant for the EU, André has been involved in many European projects and acts a mentor for young recruits in the risk capital fund business in France, Germany and the USA in the fields of energy and high-tech.
Twenty years after graduation, André Areny went back to school: after earning an Executive MBA from ESSEC, he then studied estate management and taxation in Clermont-Ferrand. He was recently awarded a diploma in international estate law and taxation.
André’s expertise lies in the intersection of the fields of law, accounting, insurance and banking. He is specialised in environmental taxation and the application of the Grenelle agreement, acting as advisor to several major French companies. André is also a consultant for manufacturers and audio-visual companies undergoing capital raising operations.
An outgoing person, André has absolute faith in technical progress. He is a member of the “Ladies in Finance” club, which accepts select gentlemen members. The club is interested in inter-professionalism and encourages an international outlook, sharing good and virtuous practices and mutual aid.
Given his background and interests, André Areny is involved in Delime’s banking, insurance, industrial and audio-visual business and in all non-recruitment services.