Adil Naim

Senior Consultant



Graduated from a DESCF (Diplôme des Études Comptables et Financières) at IAE Lyon (School of Management), Adil has had a willingness for entrepreneurship since the beginning of his career. A former high-level marathon athlete and member of the French Athletics Team, he was the founder of “Planet Marathon” brand which allowed him to develop a keen sense of commercial relations as well as a strong experience in management.

After the sale of this brand, he embarked on an intellectual challenge in IT for a dozen years, typically in sales and project management functions around software solutions and services. He will end this IT career within SAP, in London, managing the Europe-Middle East-Africa zone for Key Global Accounts.

At the same time, Adil continued to support and coach high-level athletes, one of them being selected for London Olympic Games. It is through such activity that he trained in various tools such as mental preparation, neuro-linguistic programming, transactional analysis, logotherapy and quickly decided to pursue a career as a certified professional coach.

Committed to supporting people, Adil works regularly with Vincent Lenhardt in coaching Managers and Executives, working with them to develop their leadership in the service of the development of Collective Intelligence, in order to reconcile economic objectives and human projects.

It is this keen sense of Humanity that leads Adil to work closely with our firm, especially involved in Executive Coaching as well as Change Management Trainings.